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Recent advances in technology have made the home and small business technology market place very confusing.


From the hardware point of view there is a huge overlap with "Smart Devices", PC's, Laptops, Tablets, Televisions, Streaming Devices, HiFi equipment, watches, even fridges and freezers !


We now have multiple operating systems to cope with in everyday life; Windows, Apple, Android, Linux. Each of these will have several flavours too (e.g. Windows 8, 8RT, Phone).


NWT Stuff want to help you come to terms with the devices that you have already purchased and help you make future proof decisions on new purchases. We support and encourage Innovation and the use of Technology & Gadgets as long as there are simple solutions and can give the owner a clear added value.


The digital revolution has provided us with an abundance of Music, Video & Images. We want to help you manage your personal collection, get the best sound and video quality available or just access available content on line.


We provide a free consultation service for a written proposal and quotation for jobs of any size. We can provide advice, hardware purchasing, configuration, training and manuals for a wide range of smart devices and applications.